Toddler Playgrounds- North Columbus

Toddler Playgrounds-North Columbus

Our old stompin’ grounds, I miss it.  These were are favorites for the 3 years we lived in North side of Columbus.  Fall is a great time to bundle up and enjoy the remaining playgrounds before winter.  

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  1. Ro Park

My girls love the teeter totter and sand pit.😎

2. North Orange Park

My girls all time favorite! This park is handicap accessible, I love the wide walkways in the larger playground, it makes this helicopter Mom feel safe.

3. Worthington Community Center Playground

This is also a hancicap accessible playground. Most of the playground is lower to the ground which is great for the little ones.🙌🏻

4. Flint Park

This is a neighborhood park that is usually empty. It’s a nice change in routine from the big and more busy playgrounds.🌳

5. Freeman Road Park

My girls love the dinosaur ride ons. The playground is small in scale but still a lot of fun.

6. Emily Traphogan Preserve

We love the newer playgrounds that incorporate nature into the fun as well. We love the logs you can create with and the hill bridge.🧗‍♀️-powell

7. Amberleigh Park

This park was also on my imagination playgrounds list. It is a fun change to the playground grind.

8. Alum Creek Below Dam Park🚤alum-creek-below-dam-recreation-center

And this one is just 5 minutes from above. 

Alum Creek Beach

9. Delaware Dam Park

This playground has so much to do! Older kids will also enjoy the other side of the playground.

10. St. John Neuman Catholic Church Playground

I wish we still lived closer to this park, and I wish I knew about it when we lived there. If you live up north, please go for us!

11. Powell Playground

A classic playground. And a spray ground.💦

12. Library Park

A fun little park. We live Clifford!🐶

13. Murphy Park

Visit Hoot Studio Play Cafe while you check this park out, you can walk 👍🏻🌳

14. Arbor Ridge

Dinosaur ride on, sold! That tire swing is fun too.🌳

15. Liberty Park Playground

This playground is a blast and worth a visit.