Star Lanes Polaris⭐️-Columbus

Star Lanes Polaris⭐️
8755 Lyra Dr. Columbus

When I think of bowling, I think of a dirty hole in the wall. My expectations were changed completely after my visit to Star Lanes Polaris. This place is super clean, fun, and the food was good. Oh, and they have an arcade too!

🎳The technology was pretty amazing(you can take pictures) and the lights were fun colors in the lanes

👍🏻You can select bumpers for individual players and they have a ball ramp for younger players

🧀All I have to say is mac-n-cheese bites! They have a large selection of foods, desserts, and drinks

🕹The games looked like a lot of fun, we need to venture back for another outing

🛋Comfy seating for everyone

🖍My youngest couldn’t bowl, but she really enjoyed coloring. They had Crayola crayons, the good kind

🚨They run specials for breaks and snow days, keep an eye out to get in on a fun time at a reasonable price

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