American Whistle Corp. Factory Tour-Columbus

American Whistle Corp. Factory Tour
6540 Huntley Rd. Columbus

A small yet efficient factory tour that was packed with fun information. My oldest daughter enjoyed seeing how that little ball fits in the whistle. My youngest loved blowing the whistle till her little heart was content!

Straight from America’s heartland, safety whistles touch the lives of millions of people daily. From coaches to teachers and police officers to college students, safety whistles play a vital role in the lives of everyday Americans. Quality crafted in America for 50 years

Did you know that they are the ONLY manufacturer of metal whistles in the United States?

⚙See the factory machines and workers create whistles in their efficient space
🥇They make almost a million whistles a year
🏵The gold whistle for the Macy’s parade was $500, they also make the Super Bowl whistles
👍🏻Mickey Mouse ears are prominent in the first operation top
🤔And answers to other questions like..
How do they get the ball in the little hole?, How do they smooth the brass? Why do they use brass?
👂🏻The press pictured uses a force the same weight as a tractor trailer, it’s loud
🗓By appt only, groups of 15 people, but they can sometimes add you to an existing group
💰$4/person and you get a shiny American whistle
👛The shop sells accessories like rubber whistle tips and lanyards and much more, it was fun personalizing fir a small price!

‘How It’s Made’ gives you a glimpse at what you can see…copy and paste in a browser