✂️Holiday Nature Crafts

✂️Holiday Nature Crafts

November is flying by already, so I am squeezing this one in early. Gather those supplies and have fun!

⛄️O H I O buckeye snowman, saying O

🎄Cinnamon stick tree with button ornaments

⛄️Marshmallow snowman

*I couldn’t resist this little buddy! Not made with nature, but he was delicious!

🌲Pinecone ornament

Choose 3 buckeyes to hot glue together, fashion ribbon as scarf, add googly eyes and paper nose, and 3 little pom poms as buttons. 

Glue 2 cinnamon sticks together longways, cut pine tree into 3 varying sizes and place smallest to largest with glueSelect buttons and glue on as designed, glue ribbon on as a hanger.

Use 2 toothpicks to align 3 marshmallows into a stack, use a toothpick to poke holes in marshmallows for pretzel arms and legs to be inserted.Cut a small piece of carrot into a nose and lay on marshmallow head.

Add a handful of chocolate chips in plastic bag and microwave until melted.  Cut corner of bag and squeeze chocolate out to make eyes and buttons.

Place marshmallow snowman on top of hot chocolate and enjoy!

Paint pincone and let dry, glue pom poms on and ribbon as a hanger


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