Columbus Museum of Art🖼

Columbus Museum of Art 🖼
480 E Broad St. Columbus

Free? Uh yeah, on Sundays. Take those little ones to explore the Wonder Room and see the Think Outside the Brick(city made out of legos, I mean huge!)

🏙Think Outside the Brick(through March 2nd, 2018)-the city of Columbus made in legos and other fun lego scenes and characters,  also includes Brutus Buckeye and the block O.

🏵Wonder Room-Currently there is a fort made from afghans decorated with art, a weaving station, a bug station, and a budding fashion students dream to create an outfit

✋🏽Hands on activities scattered throughout-build a lego creation of your own, draw and watch your animation, create a large mobile and much more!

✨We really enjoyed the comfy seats and the stars in the fort

🏞Expose them to different types of art through the adult exhibits

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